5 Secrets About Making Money Online That You Should Know

When some people see posts about making money online, they shrug their shoulders and term it wastage of time. They believe it is a step away from impossibility to earn money while working online. What they forget is that the internet has been producing money for its wise users. Check out the list of recent young billionaires of today. Many of them made their money using technology. Even in Nigeria, the internet has produced several millionaires in the last one year, thanks to the dwindling Naira.
If you have been having issues with making money online, don’t doubt the fact. Instead, doubt your methods. I want to share five secrets of making money online. Those who are already doing this know it is no secrets. But if you have been having tough time, this could certainly be of help to you. So, let’s start.
1. Stick to one thing: This is the foremost advice. Don’t chase after every idea that comes your way. All you need is one idea that you can commit your time and energy to. Check out those who have not made a dime online. They hardly stay with one idea. Today, they are in blogging. Next week, they are in freelancing. Next month, they will probably jump to affiliate marketing. And the cycle never ceases to end. Stick to one thing. Treat the ideas like your spouse. You may see plenty lucrative alternatives, but ultimately choose to settle with one.
2. Give it time: This is where a lot of people lose it. They want to make huge money in a hurry. You need to understand that there is a difference between looking for easy money and building a business. Building a business may take time but it pays off on the long run. And the good thing with building an online business is that you may not get huge profit immediately, but it will yield something that is enough to keep you in it. Stick to it. With time, your knowledge and experience will increase. That will lead to a corresponding increase in your earnings.
3. Sell something: Everything you can do is a marketable product. Your ability to write, design website, edit photos, edit videos and audios is marketable. You just need to know how to get it across to those who need it. This is in the line of service marketing. On the other hand, you can equally sell products of companies online. Even if you are blogging, you can use that platform to market products and get paid a commission on every sale for you efforts. I have discussed these two points extensively in my previous threads. You may want to read them if you need more clarification.
4. Build your audience: I once had a discussion with someone who started blogging recently. He was putting up good content on his site, but that was all he was doing. Once he posts, he leaves it and expect some aliens to conjure up and give him traffic. Don’t assume that once you start an online business, people will start trooping to you as if they are under a spell. In fact, they would not know you exist. Like a saying goes, “Nobody will say ‘there you are’ if you have never said ‘here I am’”. Even if you are selling a service, be proactive in your ways of creating awareness. If you are selling products, build your email list or phone numbers. Make sure you have a base of people that you can easily reach. At all cost, build an audience.
5. Invest in education: Having an idea is one thing and knowing the idea is another. Your first response when you get an idea should not be to run off and try to work with it. It will definitely not succeed. If I tell you for instance that farming ginger is profitable and you decide to jump in to it, you do so at your own detriment. Why? Because you don’t know how the farming is done, the normal problems you will face and how to overcome them, how to meet up with those who need it and the likes. All you will end up doing is wasting your time and resources. You get the picture? An online business is built on the foundation of not just an idea, but on well researched information. Do your research. If it helps, learn from those already in it.
So, there you have it! You can now do a self-assessment and tell yourself why you have been experiencing stumbling blocks. Once you follow this advice, you should be able to find your feet in the online world of making money.