Exclusive Interview With Mikeywordz the Great Upcoming Rapper Recap

Mikeywordz interview

Exclusive Interview With Mikeywordz
Kabir Oduoye: Hello Everyone We Are Her red Again Tonight with yet another Great Upcoming In Nigeria, A Musician To the Call ,Rapper To the Call,... Who am I talking About? ,You Are Welcome Into Our Midst @⁨MikeyWordz⁩
MikeyWordz: Thank you @⁨Kabir Oduoye⁩
Kabir Oduoye: What's Your Name and where are you from
MikeyWordz‬: Real name : Daniel ,I'm from Benue state
Kabir Oduoye: Wow, What's Music like in your State ,you know a state not actually Western Part , what type of music is reigning in your State.
MikeyWordz‬: Well i stay in Abuja so, I'll say Afropop and Trap music
Kabir Oduoye: You as an artist you started your,career when
MikeyWordz‬: Ss1.. 2012
Kabir Oduoye: You mean when you were in Secondary School
MikeyWordz: Yes
Kabir Oduoye: What Motivated you into Music Then?
MikeyWordz‬: English Language was my favorite subject back in school, so one day my English teacher was teaching us bout Rhymes, Wordplay, Metaphors etc... I had great interest in that, so everyday after school I'll go to his classes to learn more about them. On the weekends, I'll go to a cafe and browse about greatest rap legends and singers
Kabir Oduoye: Wonderful, So far as a rapper how many track has you released
MikeyWordz‬: Just 5. I love taking my time
Kabir Oduoye: Taking your time as in you have something filling your time apart music?
MikeyWordz‬: Yes. I'm also a graphics designer, And i co-own a Management company
Kabir Oduoye: How Expert are you in Graphics Designing
MikeyWordz‬: I am quite an expert. Learnt Photography alongside Graphics Design for 3 years.
Kabir Oduoye: What was your First Track?
MikeyWordz‬: "Lifted".
Kabir Oduoye: What was your inspiration to give it that Title. *"Lifted"*
MikeyWordz‬: Well, It was a Gospel track so it was *God*
Kabir Oduoye: Do you write Lyrics?
MikeyWordz‬: Yes, i do
Kabir Oduoye: What has being your greatest Challenge so far?
MikeyWordz‬: Sponsorship.
Kabir Oduoye: Are you still facing this challenges or You're Free of it
MikeyWordz‬: Still facing it. I plan on releasing a new track, but im hesitating. Due to lack of sponsorship
Kabir Oduoye: Is Anyone Listen, Our This Great Talent Need A sponsor so if it is in your power to help pls help him.
Kabir Oduoye: What was your best work that Make you happy so far
MikeyWordz‬: My unreleased track "Kekere". But there are more. Like "Tanana" "Babarriga"
Kabir Oduoye: Which one of it was the best?
MikeyWordz: Tanana
Kabir Oduoye: When should we be expecting your new Track?
MikeyWordz‬: Early next month On the 4th
Kabir Oduoye: Do you take shows Call, as in if you were invited with some ransome to Play do you go for it?
MikeyWordz‬: Yes. But it depends on the location
Kabir Oduoye: What was the biggest you've ever attended
MikeyWordz‬: It was in kd. Almost 5hundred people in attendance Bt the reality is, as an upcoming artist, even if it's a birthday party with 15 new faces in attendance, i'll play
Kabir Oduoye: What was the Celebrations About That makes them Invite You
MikeyWordz‬: A festival
Kabir Oduoye: You must be a star from The North.
MikeyWordz‬: Well, i won't say that yet. But I'm not trying to conquer the north. My main focus for now is Abuja and Lagos We not only praying, but we working towards that, and kekere might just be our team's ticket to achieve that, If only we plan the hyping, I mean giving the right people for the hype
Kabir Oduoye: Did you go into Co. Working with other artist?
MikeyWordz‬: Yes. But the projects will be released next year Including videos
Kabir Oduoye: Have you being shooting Music Videos?
MikeyWordz‬: No
Kabir Oduoye: Is the first and only one,of your Co. Working
MikeyWordz: It's not the first, and definitely not the last. I'm already talking to people like BerryVibez, Dj Nitroo, Dj Skeydo, Remigius, Firstklaz. Coz i don't want to feature artists only
Kabir Oduoye: What will the title be
MikeyWordz‬: Kattaki The other one is "Dance Something"
Kabir Oduoye: If your hand is seek in co. Work without commission, will you participate
MikeyWordz: Yes i would. I love working with different acts.
Kabir Oduoye: Did your parent support you choosing Music As Work? That is what challenges do you face from your parent ?
MikeyWordz‬: Well at first they didn't. Then, i was nominated as the "Most Promising act" during the KEA (Katsina Entertainment Awards) 2016 Then things changed
Kabir Oduoye: What would their reaction have be if you've not win any Award?
MikeyWordz‬: Well, i didn't win that award. But the fact that I was nominated, they said i have a great future ahead
Kabir Oduoye: Oh sorry for my misconception
Kabir Oduoye: Who was that person that you could say he Stood by you During Hard Times
MikeyWordz‬: My producer, YhurboyJosh
Kabir Oduoye: What advice do you have for youth like You?
MikeyWordz‬: I have just one thing to say, It doesn't matter how slow you go, as long as you move forward. That's all that matters
MikeyWordz‬: Like i always feel excited when one new person hears my tracks, coz from one person, it always turns to 2 and so on and so forth
Kabir Oduoye: When Next We Call You will You answer our Call?
MikeyWordz: Yeah sure
Kabir Oduoye: Its Been Great time since but we'd love to ask more but time has laps , Thanks Everyone for being There ,Till Next Interview,*Goodnight*