Exclusive Interview With Philip peace The Great Poet, On 12th Of Nov,2017

Its Being Long That We've Been Telling About The Interview With Philip Peace It Has Come And Gone , Here Is The Recap
Kabir: Into our midst we All welcome Mr Philip Peace

Philip Peace: Good evening, I'm honored to be here. I am Akinwale Peace Akindayo fondly called Philip Peace (Filipu).

 Kabir: Philp Peace Is Like What type Of Name To you Sir?

Philip Peace ‬: Best name(s).

 Kabir: Best Name, Sounds More Interesting, Whenever I hear Those People Call Poet I thought They Said They Get A Pen Name, can we refer this also as your Best Pen Name

Philip Peace‬: I don't really have a Penname but I can say they made Philip Peace my Penname, so it's one. Thus, Philip Peace is my Best Pen Name.

Kabir: But You Said They Made It your Pen Name , Does That Means You Dance Your Tune in accordance to Mass Beat?

Philip Peace‬: Not really. If you ask someone Akinwale Peace Akindayo's Penname, they'll say "Philip Peace."
If you ask them what is Philip Peace's Penname, they'll say "it's Philip Peace nah."
So, it is one because they believe it to be so, and, I do not dislike it that way.

Kabir: So its Obvious That You Like it Despite they Tag You without telling them you Want it

Philip Peace‬: Exactly.

 Kabir: Your being A poet ,Were you Drive Into It Or You drive Yourself Into it?

Philip Peace‬: It was actually to be rather said coincidental. You don't know what you're embedded with until you seek for a clue or until you do some things that would probably (and certainly) unravel some brilliant mystery about you.
I delved into writing not unwillingly, yet not with the consent of my sixth sense.
I got to know what writing really is when I finished writing my first poem.
All thanks to Godwin, he led me through the first stage by adding me to a Literary Group.

 Kabir: _When I finished Writing My First Poem_  Sir, This Can Actually be Date Back To When?

Philip Peace‬: That should be late June.

 Kabir: Exactly what or how many Years or Month Ago?

Philip Peace‬: Late June, 2016.

 Kabir: We can Definitely Call It A year + ago

Kabir: What City or town and State Does Philip Peace  Originated From?

Philip Peace‬: Ororuwo town is a small town under Boripe Local Government in Osun State. I became a boy (guy) on its neck.

 Kabir: As An Upcoming Poet In Great Nation Like Nigeria, Didn't You Feel Lacking That You were Born Not In Place Filled With Popularity?

Philip Peace ‬: I often feel resentment at times, but I know that I've come from the cradle... from that town which has committed suicide. I am not planning to stop because I'm not opportune like others, I should attend festivals too but I stay in a very far place. Yes, it has become more disheartening but I'm proud...that I will make this bush called Ororuwo proud, one day.
I am not stopping.

Kabir: As A Poet The You Have A Role Model And What Line DoeS Your Model Work?

Philip Peace‬: I don't have a Role Model. I am myself's Role Model.
 Kabir: What Was the Tittle Of The First Article You Wrote Back Then?

Philip Peace‬: First article?
Yea...I do recall.
It's something with the concept of _why women cheat and why men cheat._

 Kabir: Does That Mean You've Written So Many Work That You can't Recall Some Of Them Sir?

Philip Peace‬: _Why some are weird. Who wants to be reproached. Why are they?_
These are the titles. Smiles...yes.

 Kabir: Pls Give Us Some Verses In this Work You Said

Philip Peace‬: "...transparency isn't the mirror, the mirror is the eye to the heart".

 Kabir: Sir , as an Upcoming Poet What is the Greatest Challenges You've Faced Since The Start Of Your Work.

Philip Peace‬: Discouragement. I often say I don't have readers. When I write, few passes comments and those few are like 3 to 4 and frankly, till date.
But I often encourage myself.
If I live by their comments, I would have been dead.

 Kabir: *Wow* Does It Going To Make Any Changes If Your Work Has Not Grow As Much Of This it has Grew

Philip Peace: Yea, it will.
But because I'd often encourage myself, it grew like this. I couldn't believe myself too. I mentor poets who started writing before I even graduated from my secondary School, or thought about writing yet, they write (according to them) shallow lines.
Kabir: Is there any impact Your Secondary School Took In your Being A poet and What's The Name Of That School?

Philip Peace‬: No.
I attended Goodwill Private school.

 Kabir: Out There There are many Upcoming Co.working their work, Do Co write Your Articles OR you write Alone? And Has Any Of Your Poet Mate Introduce it to you To Co.write Article?
 Philip Peace: if you mean duet, yes, I do that once in a while.

 Kabir: How Do you feel, Comfortable Or otherwise ?
Philip Peace‬: Comfortable!
 Waheed: Oga poet ...I dey feel ur reply... Kudos to u

 Kabir: At this Segment We're gonna Allow People In the Group to Ask Question If Any one Of them Get So We Can Round Up the Last Segment. DOES ANYONE GET QUESTION TO ASK ❓❓

Waheed: Albert Einstein once said" everybody is a genius, but if you judge a fish by it ability to climb a tree it will live it whole life believing it's stupid"

 Waheed: My question is  how did u discover d genius in you

Philip Peace‬: Like/as I've said, You don't know what you're embedded with until you seek for a clue or until you do some things that would probably (and certainly) unravel some brilliant mystery about you.
I didn't really read, but when I need to, I read like it's the world. I watch movies, I listen to songs, I think, I do, I go wild upstairs. I do, I got it perhaps mysteriously, but, you know you don't have to listen to what they say or what you hear without being sure, so, I had to try some writings and some new things, and I got it.

 Kabir: Anybody ❓

 Waheed: Ko ti ye mi O...

 Waheed: Assuming you wan tell your pikin how to discover d genius in them...how will u tell them

Mr Akeem: Sir I got Question ☝
Philip Peace‬: I read, I think and I relate with anything around me; directly or indirectly.

Mr Akeem: When I got through Much Of Your Work I saw That There are many Of them Dedicated To woman  ,does This You adore Woman More Than Anything Else In this World?

Waheed: Ok...

Philip Peace‬: Yes, I adore them, I respect them and I cherish them.
Women are this fragile yet strong beings. They need to be helped, they need people to feel the way they feel and, I do. I've made it obvious with/in some of my writings. It is evident that women need a supporter than a boyfriend or a husband. I can be that supporter from a distance.
There husband can be too, if he understands them the way I do.
Waheed: Thanks for today @Philip Peace✌

Kabir: Philip peace Sir,have you done any audio Record work as A poet?

Philip Peace‬: Yea...but I didn't share it.I lost them already.

 Kabir: Please Give Us Single Verse 6 line of write up to Advice The Upcoming Great One Like You Sir.

Philip Peace‬: For You.
You are the air that withers not away
yet, stills in summer/the harmattan.
you are the sun that buries itself at
night yet rises up at morning to wake the day.
you are that book the world wants to read in
their melancholic Melody and in joy.
Philip Peace

 Kabir: Please Sir In Lay Man Translation What Does This Lines Tell Them

Philip Peace: The air doesn't wither away but it is still in summer or  harmatan, so they are such (that though they might be down, they are still at it peak of making it).
And, they are the sun that we don't see often but when we see them, they wake up the man in you. Thus, upcoming poets are those sage that rest yet, they're bright.
And, they are the book the world wants to read in comforting sadness and in joy because poets/writers can picture the world in its sad scene and make you smile.

 Kabir: Thanks For Coming Sir, I really Pray You Make It To the Top Sir

Philip Peace‬: Amen‬, I am thrilled by you.

 Kabir: We Will Round Off The Interview, its Not our will but our wish because if we were ask to continue there are lot of questions to ask, Sir if we Invite You Next Time Will you Come?

Philip Peace‬: Yes! I'll surely come.

 Kabir: Thanks Everyone for Being audience tonight Please  Watch out for a thrilling interview with Our. Guest Tomorrow. Good Night

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