Steps To Check And Monitor Admission On JAMB CAPS 2021


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 Steps By Steps / Guidelines to Check Admission Status on CAPS, ACCEPT, REJECT & Monitor Program / Course Transfer Approval Admission Offer via the Joint Admission Matriculation Board (JAMB) Central Admission Processing System, CAPS for 2020/2021 Admission Exercise - Full Guidelines.

This is to inform all candidates who has successfully been admitted into their various school of choice either through their school portal or via JAMB portal to accept or reject admission through the JAMB CAPS Profile.

It is mandatory that all candidates who has successfully been admitted to log on to their respective JAMB Profiles and accept their admission offer or decline which ever is their choice.

Candidates who are admitted and accepted admission via the JAMB CAPS are entitled to print out their JAMB Admission Letters immediately.

The acceptance also tells us that such candidates admission exercise has been closed and so therefore he or she is no longer interested in further admissions from other tertiary institutions.

On the other hand Candidates who has been offered admission via their School portal and are yet to accept admission via the JAMB CAPS Portal might still stand a chance of forfeiting such admission after some days.

We are therefore urging all institutions who has finalized their admission process to inform all their students to log on back to their respective JAMB Profiles to accept or reject the admission.

The Main Reason why a candidate must accept or reject admission offer makes it clear to JAMB on the next step to take on such candidate admission process, either to shut it down or still reserve admissions for such candidate in the market place.

Finally we urge all newly admitted students for 2020/2021 session to check admission status on caps and accept their offer of admission on the JAMB Caps status website.


A. Easy Steps to Accept or Reject Admission Offer via JAMB CAPS 2020/2021

1. Simply login to JAMB website via with the email and password used during JAMB registration.


2. Click “CAPS”. Then click “Admission Status” and finally click “Acceptance”

3. Proceed to print admission letter.

B. How To Monitor Your Admission Status or Process on JAMB CAPS Portal

1. Kindly log-in to their JAMB e-Facility portal via (

2. Click on ‘Check Admission Status,

3. Click on ‘Access my CAPS’

4. Click on 'Check Admission Status' to monitor your admission.

This will enable you know when you have been recommended for admission or admission approved by JAMB.

If you are recommended for admission and the admission is approved by JAMB, you can go ahead and accept your admission, print your admission letter and follow other directives from the university for clearance.

C. How to Accept or Reject Transfer of Programme / Course Admission Offer on JAMB CAPS Portal: 

In line with the JAMB CAPS implementation policy, the university will consider some students for transfer from the choice programme to another programme because of UTME and O’level combinations, therefore candidates are also expected to monitor their admission further by following the instructions below:

Before a candidate can be moved or transferred to another programme, their would be transfer alert (notification from CAPS) to the candidate to either accept or reject the movement.

a. If s/he presses YES, s/he moved to the new programme & MUST be admitted. (At the point of Acceptance, s/he would be notified to do change of programme to be able to print his/her admission letter)

b. If s/he presses NO or SILENT (no response), the candidate remains & cannot be moved anywhere (ACT of JAMB Section 5(1)(c)(iii) “the preferences expressed or otherwise indicated by candidates for certain tertiary institutions and courses”)

1. Kindly log-in to their JAMB e-Facility portal via (

2. Click on ‘Check Admission Status,

3. Click on ‘Access my CAPS’

4. Click on the ‘Transfer Approval’ Link to know if you are recommended for transfer to another program.

5. You are required to either accept or reject, this transfer consideration. If you accept, your first choice institution will be able to admit you in the new program.


If you reject, you will remain in your preferred Course / Program.

The program transfer will not be effected.

No institution would be able to move candidates into merit level unless ALL positive candidates above him/her are admitted either by merit, catchment or ELDS

After upload of O’ level by a candidate, any admission to be done MUST consider him/her

If any institution request for opening of change for programme or institution, it MUST consider all the candidates who have uploaded.

NOTE: After accepting the new course on Transfer Approval, candidates will have to wait for the school and course to appear under JAMB Admission Status Link.

Once Admission reflects on the JAMB Admission Status link, log back to the JAMB CAPS Portal page and accept the final admission notice.

Thereafter, proceed to do JAMB change of course to the new course been offered. This is the only way JAMB will make your new course to appear under admission status and also been eligible to print the JAMB Admission Letter.

Finally, proceed and print out your JAMB Admission Letter.

You are urgently required to cooperate with the above guidelines.


Candidates are to note that acceptance of offer of admission on the Central Admissions Processing System (CAPS) is free and does not attract any payment whatsoever. Successful candidates are to quickly visit their profile to accept their offer of admission as well as print their admission letters.

Only admissions obtained through candidates' profile is authentic. Candidates should not allow institutions to extort them.

NB: You can also use the JAMB CAPS Mobile App Download | Monitor & Track Your Admission.

Congratulations on your admission offer!!!