JAMB 2021 Latest Update: NIMC Adopts Booking System For NIN Enrollment


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The recent Federal Government policy which requires mobile network subscribers to update their SIM registration with a valid National Identification Number (NIN) has occasioned a huge demand for the NIN with a large crowd visiting the NIMC Enrolment Centers nationwide.

Mindful of the second wave of the COVID-19 which continues to severely affect public health and cause unprecedented disruptions, the Commission wishes to announce that it has adopted a couple of measures to contain the spread of the virus whilst ensuring its services to Nigerians are not entirely interrupted.

Effective December 30, 2020, attending to applicants would be based on Booking System. For Bookings, applicants are to visit any of the NIMC Offices closest to them during stipulated business hours (9 am -1 pm). Although the policy has been in place since 4th February 2020 applicants are now crowding all the centers. Personal Information would be collected for the sole purpose of scheduling an enrolment appointment. Please do not include any personal information other than what is required by the booking register.

Once admitted into the office, a Number-Issuing queue management system will be in place to ensure orderliness and strict adherence to Covid-19 Protocols. As a responsible Commission, we fully understand that safety comes first, as such, only individuals with facemask would be allowed entrance into our premises.

We urge the general public to cooperate with us as we work assiduously to respond to the new normal.


As a responsible Organization, we have put in place effective policies in addition to the existing COVID-19 safety protocols to control the mammoth crowd at our enrollment centers nationwide, and ensure the safety of our Staff and Applicants.

The additional policies to serve Applicants better are as follows;

1.Services in all enrollment centers will be strictly on a first come first serve basis.

2. Enforcement of the appointment register which has been in place since the 4th of February, 2020, but has been ignored by Applicants. This entails scheduling all applicants based on specific numbers assigned per day. Applicants that exceed the daily assigned number will be scheduled for the next day. 3. Applicants should visit enrollment centers only on appointed dates.

4. All Applicants must wear face masks, covering the bridge of their nose to their chin before they will be attended to or granted access to the enrollment centers.


REPORT EXTORTION VIA actu@nimc.gov.ng OR 

CALL 08157691214, 08157691071


Kayode Adegoke Head, Corporate Communications