How To Link Your 9Mobile Line With NIN


How to Link MY 9mobile Sim Card with NIN

To link your NIN with your 9Mobile line, here’s what you need to do:
Dial *200*8# on your 9Mobile line

Enter your NIN and press send

Wait for feedback from the network confirming your successful submission.

If you’re facing any issues, visit any 9mobile office near you and submit your NIN to them. They should be able to complete the linking in a matter of minutes.

How to link 9Mobile phone number with NIN.

How to link 9Mobile phone number with NIN. Image credit: 9Mobile Nigeria.

You can also visit and follow the instructions to complete the registration.

In the same vein, repeat the above steps on each of your 9Mobile numbers if you have several other phone numbers you wish to link to your NIN.


Frequently asked questions about NIN linking?

How do I apply for my NIN?

To get yourself ready to be able to carry out the linking of your NIN with your phone number here’s what you must do:

Visit any NIMC office near you and apply for your National Identity Card if you haven’t

Register and obtain your temporary ID slip which will contain your NIN

Keep your NIN details in a safe place so that you’ll be able to provide them when necessary.

I forgot my NIN and don’t have the slip?

If you don’t know your NIN, just dial *346# on the SIM card you registered with the National Identity Management Centre (NIMC).

A message containing your NIN will be displayed, just copy it somewhere safe.

Note that checking your NIN via the USSD provided above costs N20 only.

Can I link all my phone numbers to the same NIN?

If you have several phone numbers, all you have to do is carry out the linking process for each of your phone number.

How do I know know my NIN has been linked?

From my experience, the network will send you a success message confirming your NIN submission. Their officers will review your input to verify the details. However, the most times do not send a feedback telling you that they have verified that your details are correct.

Meanwhile, if your NIN details doesn’t correspond to the details of your SIM card, you’ll receive a message demanding a resubmission.

I submitted the wrong NIN, what do I do?

If you have entered the wrong NIN, simply wait for network to get back to you informing you of the unsuccessful linkage.

Alternatively, visit your network provider’s office to lodge a complaint or call the customer care line for your network provider and provide details on the challenges you’re facing.

That’s all for now. I hope you were able to follow this guide to link your NIN with your phone number.

Let me know if you have any other questions using the comment section down below.

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