Solution To Transaction Failure Response By N-power Nasims Portal During Login

Solution To Nasims Portal Login Failure

Solution To Transaction Failure

How To Solve The Problem Of Npower Nasims Portal Login Failure  / Transaction Failure Response.
Hello To My Readers, Not Long Ago Was The Shortlisting Of Successful Npower Candidates Started, Congratulations To Those Who were Selected While those that Are Yet to Be Selected I Pray You Make it. The problem facing the Nasims Portal now is the issue Of Long preloading and transaction failures while login in.

If you missed Out On How To Check If you're Selected By Your Self you Can Follow The Link Below To Read On Step By Step Process To Check It Your Self We Made It So Simple Even 15years Old Kid Can Do it Himself So No Panic.


Now Lets Get Back To The Solution Needed, But Let Me Enlighten you All About Materials Needed which Are (Strong Network Service, Strong Browser Be it On Pc Or Mobile Phones And Lastly much Patience).

  • Firstly - Strong Network :
As Things Get Messy now, You know That Nasims Portal is Taking On 100 of thousands Of Server Request Everyday Tollin Up to Millions Server Request In 24hrs..You are Suprised? yes its Like Normal Busy Road Traffic. They Just Released First Batch Shortlist Believe Almost Every one Will Be Checking for there Chances almost every Hour Making One Of the Busiest Server On Nigeria Web Every day...
as internet Is Design There is Something Known As Firewall Controlling Web Server Traffic To Avoid Influx Of Excess Traffic  that Can Results In server Breakdown. So Strong Network Is needed to fight in the portal guided by The Firewall.

  • Secondly - Strong Browser:
Basically System Get Upper Hand In Breaking Firewall More Than Mobile Phones Do, but browsers That Are being Used On The Pc Are All almost On Phone Now The Likes Of " Firefox, Google Chrome and Many More ". Using This Browser On Phone You Can Easily Change Your Browser View From "Mobile View" To "Pc View" But During This Change Not Only View Changed Every Privileges On Pc Will Be Activated On the Page too giving the Phone upper Hand to act like system towards The Portal. Though It wont Be as Fast As PC but Changes Will Be Clear and Noticeable.
So I suggest You Used The Like Of Google Chrome and Firefox To access the Npower Nasims Portal.

  • Lastly- Much Patience:
This Is Actually The Key To Everything We've Been Doing Since Right From Start Of youre Patience Enough Every Step followed Is Useless. Because talking about Internet Transactions or Data Transfer Is Like Travelling From Earth To The Pluto But The Privilege Of Strong Network Won't Allow Us To Feel The Stress Of the Long Journey...Internet Use To Exchange more Than Hundreds Of Information To Present to Us The Page We Want But This Wont Be Noticed. In short Even after trying All Those Steps at the top never Be in haste if its seems Its Getting Slow.
After Successful Login If you're Choosing Congratulations and If you're Not Please Don't Panic As I Said Earlier... This Is A Program with 1,000 000 applicants, i believe they are uploading more as I can Guarantee you That They Have Not Uploaded Up to 30% Selected Candidates Surely With Believe You will Be Among. Forget you got Low Score They are trying to make This Program Circulate the whole Nation it wont totally base On Merit.

If you're Busy Throughout the Day I Advised You To Try the Process at Night Or Midnight as The Traffic Receive This Time Around Is Always Lesser .. Besides some People Like Traveling in the Night 😁.

With Every Step Read And Followed Carefully I expect You All To Have Stress Free Login But If you're Still Encountering Much Issue You're Free To drop Your Login Details In The Comment Box Below With Your Real Name Tag or You Message The Admin...Check Out Contact Page To Reach Us. Thanks For Reading.


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  1. Thanks sir the Process Work Perfectly For Me

  2. Thanks It work for me too.

  3. Please Sir, How Can I Switch To Pc View You said ? I am still being delayed

    1. 1-Click On The 3 dot Line At the top right of your Browser Page
      2- The Menu Bar Will Draw Out
      3- look down and Check Pc with a box At the Front...Click On the Box And It will tick Blue.

      The Process Is The Same For Firefox And Google Chrome Browsers

  4. I got to check mine Own But Not Selected But Thanks

  5. Oga it worked Thank You

  6. My Network Is Still Not Strong Here But I will Keep Trying

  7. It actually work Well

  8. Double Joy for me it worked and Have Been Selected...Help Me Thank God

  9. I have been trying this Things For the past days Now...It work smoothly even Though have not Been Shortlisted

  10. When should we Be Expecting Stream 2 of Shortlist


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Please comment here it give us opportunities to know how you feel

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