1. The Data Is Capped At 500mb Daily, Meaning You Can Only Use 500mb in 24hours then The Next Day 500mb.

2. The app gives you the opportunity to use 500MB per day on your Airtel sim card, in such a way that if you exhaust the 500MB today, you will still start afresh tomorrow and be able to use another free 500MB.

3. The above line implies that you will be able to Consume up to 15000MB ( 15GB ) volume of Data per month.

4. The free data can be used to access all app and websites.

5. The free data cheat above is strictly for Airtel Nigeria users only.

Conclusion: Above are all the requirements for the latest Airtel data cheat with the detailed information on how to set it up to enjoy free internet access without any form of interruption, if you follow the instructions provided above, you shouldn’t have any issue in setting up the free data cheat.

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